Unite to Resist Fascism

We oppose the fascist character and actions of the US-Duterte regime. We seek to strengthen and build the broad anti-imperialist united front against neofascism, US-led war and militarism. 


FIGHT for Philippine Sovereignty NOW! US Troops Out!

We seek to build a united front of Filipinos for Philippine Sovereignty and against all foreign incursion and intervention, including the US and China. We seek to strengthen mutual solidarity between the Filipino people and other people opposed to US intervention and militarism.

IMG_0413 (1)

STOP the Killings! 

We demand an end to extrajudicial killings and mass murder in the name of the Duterte regime’s “war on drugs,” “all out war,” and “war on terror.”


ND Rev Up!

We aim to build awareness and support for the National Democratic movement of the Philippines. Learn about BAYAN’s 8-point program here.


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