Advance the Peace Talks/JustPeacePH

Build and advance the movement among Filipinos and non-Filipinos to support the NDFP-GRP peace negotiations and to support the people’s aspirations for just and lasting peace


IMPLEMENT the People’s Agenda for Change!

BAYAN USA is pushing forward the 15-Point People’s Agenda created by the People’s Summit participants and delivered in Malacanang during President Duterte’s inauguration.

People's Agenda for Change
Demonstrators call for the full implementation of the People’s Agenda for Change (PC: Julie Jamora)

We urge President Duterte to take action on the following six major priorities during his first 100 days in office:

  1. Economic Development through genuine agrarian reform and national industrialization
  2. Social Policies that prioritize education, healthcare and women’s rights
  3. Eradicating Corruption in Government by putting Aquino and his cronies in jail, ending systemic corruption, and pushing forward pro-people policies
  4. Peace and Human Rights through the resumption of the Peace Talks with the NDFP, releasing ALL political prisoners, and defending human rights
  5. Defend Philippine Sovereignty by terminating lopsided agreements with the U.S. such as the Enhanced Defense and Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), and the Mutual Defense Treaty to name a few, and pursuing diplomatic resolution of the territorial conflict with China in the West Philippine Sea.
  6. Protect Overseas Filipino Workers by ending human trafficking and getting rid of the Labor Export Policy (LEP)

DEFEND Human Rights!

We seek to raise international attention and mobilize broad sections of the public outside the Philippines against the Oplan Bayanihan (COIN) and the state repression of progressive individuals, organizations, and communities



FIGHT for Philippine Sovereignty NOW!

We aim to build a united front of Filipinos for Philippine Sovereignty and against all foreign incursion and intervention, including the US and China.

IMG_0413 (1)

ND Rev Up!

We aim to build awareness and support for the National Democratic movement of the Philippines. Learn about BAYAN’s 8-point program here.



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